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Scope it Out: Writing an Effective SOW

There are many things to consider before beginning a project. We’ve already looked at best practices when it comes to project management, but there’s another important item worth completing at the beginning, and that is [...]

It’s Smart to Use Business Intelligence

When developing and implementing a successful project, one of the most important resources is data. However, just having data isn’t beneficial enough; it’s analyzing and making decisions based on that data that is even more [...]

All Together Now: Delivering Project Excellence

When it comes to utility projects, there are many moving parts and things to consider. For example, we discussed earlier at how crucial having a knowledgeable project manager can be. It’s also important to have solid [...]

The Value of a Communication Plan

When it comes to successful project management, we already discussed some best practices. We also explored the importance of listening. But along the same lines of listening, another valuable tool to consider is a communication [...]