Millennium Consulting LLC has achieved success within the utility industry due to the unique protocol we use when we engage with clients in the electric, gas, water and sanitation. Our L.E.A.D.E.R.  Methodology is a step-by-step approach to any project:


All Millennium Consultants are proven leaders who listen with open minds.
Our style of listening is focused on learning and understanding your unique situation. Because we listen, we can understand the journey you are prepared to undertake.
We can foresee and preclude individualized challenges against the background of the many complexities and risks that are intrinsic to I.T. implementation projects.
With listening as a priority in our early association with clients, we find it natural and spontaneous to develop a culture of enthusiastic and energetic teamwork.


Once we have listened to your goals and vision for the project, we can proceed where we:
…Review current technology,
…Evaluate and prioritize your needs,
…Gauge your resources and requirements,
…Consider your processes and procedures.

In short, we will create a clear representation of the current state of your existing environment.

ANALYSIS: Points to Ponder

The L.E.A.D.E.R. methodology facilitates requirements gathering and gap analysis. Our experts will identify areas of improvement based on the industry’s best business practices. It’s important to note we do this as your advocate, not as the agent of a specific vendor.  We are application-agnostic, and one of our strengths is our autonomy.
Points to Ponder during the Analysis Stage of the L.E.A.D.E.R. methodology:

  1. Our expert guidance helps your team discover ways to maximize value and reduce risk.
  2. Our breadth can encompass any project, from a full CIS implementation, to smart-metering initiative, or establishment of a 311-call center.
  3. Our experts optimize the meter-to-cash customer experience…
  4. If there are gaps in the use of analytics and metrics, or a lack thereof, we can find cost-effective ways to educate staff in the use of the Business Intelligence Applications.

Value Added Savings
Such discoveries in the “Analysis” step of our methodology will facilitate more informed business decisions at every level. During this phase, we maintain a clear and objective sense of time.  We ascertain immediate and future needs, always with awareness of mission critical tasks and public transparency.


We deliver award winning, risk-adverse implementation of your project.
Our use of accelerators, tracking tools, and budget adherence metrics provides proven success. Done On Time. Done On Budget. Simply, Done Right.


Let us engineer your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with success factors that include:

  1. RFP Development
  2. Vendor Selection Services
  3. Business Process Re-engineering
  4. Change Management
  5. Organizational Readiness
  6. Technical and Functional Architecture
  7. Risk Management and Mitigation
  8. Third Party Integration


Millennium Consulting LLC’s successes have allowed our clients to achieve maximum savings and increased return on their investments.

Allow our LEADER methodology to transform your organization into a robust, efficient and well-oiled machine.